Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Look - Albert of Survivor: South Pacific

Albert Destrade
Albert Destrade is a 21 year old Baseball/Dating coach. At least that is how CBS.COM listed it. Not sure if that means he coaches basketball and dating, or is a baseball player and a dating coach. Probably the latter. He is from Plantation, FL.

He seems charismatic and likeable enough in his pre-season interview. I am not sure how one becomes a dating coach, I mean what kind of resume gets you a job like that? Still, it would imply an understanding of how people interact and relate to each other. Which could all be good attributes for a game like Survivor.

His athletic skills will likely make him invaluable in the pre-merge stage. And he seems like someone who could take on a leadership role. But athleticism and leadership can be the kiss of death post-merge if you don't have really good numbers going in.

He implies in his pre-interview he is willing to be ruthless, so given his dating coach job he may be good at getting in good with the ladies, but if he falls into the showmance trap it could be the beginning of the end for him.

I don't give him good odds in winning. He seems to not be shy of a lack of confidence, but the big athletic hunks usually don't fare well as far as winning the game goes. They just become too much of a threat once it becomes an individual game.

Of course, unlike most seasons in the past there will be a Redemption Island in play. So that could be his saving grace and give him a chance to last longer.

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