Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Look - Dawn of Survivor: South Pacific

Dawn Meehan
Dawn Meehan is a 41 year old English Professor from South Jordan, Utah.

She has adopted six kids, which is admirable if not a bit crazy. Of course I say that as someone who isn't admirable.

She says she is tough but I am not going to share the example she gave, watch the video below with caution.

She is a college professor, so the fact she will likely be around younger people a lot of the time might not be as big of a handicap. She would theoretically have already learned some ways to identify with younger people for her job. Although she teaches at BYU and considering the type that is prone to play in Survivor, it may not be the same type of young people as a college full or Mormon's has running around it's campus.

She comes off as really nice so I think she could go far so long as she doesn't prove to be a liability in challenges. Or fall prey to a youth centric alliance.

Although like Christine, she has the fact that an "older woman" hasn't won Survivor since season 2.

Here is her video from CBS's YouTube channel below.


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