Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Look - Edna of Survivor: South Pacific

Edna Ma
Edna Ma is a 35 year old Anesthesiologist (I admit, I cut and paste that word) from Denver, Colorado who now lives in Los Angeles, Ca. Being this is Survivor I tend to assume anyone listed as being from California, especially LA is an aspiring actress.

But she claims she left behind her Anesthesiologist job and a start up company behind to play Survivor. So it is possible this time it's a coincidence. But I'm watching you Edna! She gave short answers on her CBS profile. Which lends itself to the theory she is mostly there to be on television.

She makes a point of saying how people will ask her if she is old enough to be an Anesthesiologist the implication being she looks too young. Which is wierd beacause she could pass for younger than 35 but doesn't look THAY young. Which means it may all be in her head, or she wants to brag about how she looks young.

In her interview she says she is a bad liar and she can be too much of a leader sometimes. She says people may perceive it as bossy. Got news for Edna, if she is being perceived as bossy she is probably being bossy.

I don't get a good vibe from this one. I have a feeling she will rub people the wrong way and be out real fast. Barring her tribe going on an early winning streak, I am looking for this one to be out within the first four votes. And I don't get a sense she can run the gauntlet on Redemption Island.

I sense by the end of the season I will have forgotten who she even was.

Here is her interview from CBS's YouTube channel.


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