Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Look - Elyse on Survivor: South Pacific

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto is a 27 year old Dance Team Manager from Las Vegas, Nevada. She talks really fast, so do I. I think I am in love.

All kidding aside given her former beauty pageant background I have a feeling that she is definitley among the "here to be famous" crowd. But I sense she might be another Parvati and hiding some cunning play under there.

She says everyone loves to hate her or hates to love her. A common way people describe themselves when they have a habit of ticking people off. She also list "pretty girls wearing ugly shoes" in her pet peeves. What the hell?

She says she is quirky, goofy and outspoken. For the record, outspoken is usually how people describe themselves when they are rude and don't care.

I have a feeling Elyse will become the pretty girl who rubs some of the other girls the wrong way. She is my bet to become one of the villains of this season.

I think she will go far. She seems like the type who will make enough friends early on to secure an alliance spot. And the kind who people will want to keep around because they will think they can beat her.

I think she has a good chance at making it to the final four, and as mentioned earlier I do get a Parvati vibe from her. She might be underestimated right up until she is being awarded the one million dollar check.

Here is her interview from CBS's YouTube Channel


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