Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Look - "Coach" of Survivor: South Pacific

Benjamin "Coach" Wade
Benjamin "Coach" Wade is a 19 year old coach and professional Suviror player. He was previously on "Survivor: Tochantis" and "Survivor: Heroes vs Villians".

He is very wierd, and was able to tone it down some in Heroes vs Villians but wasn't able to secure himself a big enough spot in the tribe to make the merge.

He is claiming he will put his "sensitive side" aside. Boy I hope so, it sure never does him any good.

Coach is claiming he will be playing differently and applying what he has learned the last two times. Which are all good things if he does them. However, he is also acknowledging that he thinks when he comes off it will be very polarizing with who wants to play with him and who doesn't. Which isn't a good way to start if you don't have more of the former than the later.

As last season showed, having played the game multiple times can be a huge advantage when playing against a cast of mostly newbies. So he has that going for him. If he truly has learned where he messed up and can adjust his game accordingly he may just shock the world as he won't be the threat Ozzy will initially come off as.

But honestly, he is just so weird and I am not sure he can reign that in. I am predicting he might be in for yet another early departure.

Here is Coach's interview from CBS's YouTube channel.


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