Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Look - Christine of Survivor: South Pacific

Christine Shields
Christine Shields Markoski is 39 year old teacher from Merrick, New York. And boy is she proud of being from New York.

She teaches English to those who don't speak it as a first language, kindergarten, and those with special needs she says. This would definitley imply she has a boatload of patience which is definitley a good trait to have on Survivor.

She talks in her interview about how she dislikes laziness and people with a diva attitude. I REALLY hope she can keep that to herself. Because the whole "hard workers" vs "lazy people" story line that pops up on almost every season is one I am so over. I can see why it is an issue out there, but I am just tired of hearing about it come up every time.

She says she is confident she is going to win, speaking as if it is a done deal as far as she is concerned. So she will probably go home within the first three.

She says she is good with directions and instructions. But then says she is a born leader. Those two things seem somewhat contradictory.

Her age could be an issue. Unless I am forgetting someone the last time I remember an "older woman" winning Survivor was Tina Wesson all the way back in season 2. Nothing saying she couldn't be the next one to win. But statistics are not on her side.

She strikes me as someone who will have a superior attitude and that combined with the reasons above leave me believing she won't last long. I have a feeling that she will likely be the first or second to go home from her tribe.

Redemption Island might help her. But if some big all around athlete comes on early like Matt did last season it may not give her much reprieve.

On the up side, she is cute. Sp as someone only a few years younger that Christine it's always nice to have age appropriate eye candy.

Here is Christine's interview from CBS's YouTube Channel.


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