Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Jim on Survivor: South Pacific

Jim Rice
Jim Rice is a 35 year old Medical Marijuana Dispenser. I am sure some Suvivor bulletin boards have already degenerated into debates on legalizing Marijuana, if not it is no doubt coming.

Jim has one hell of a resume, from owning a wine store, to holding an MBA from the University of Michigan, a World Poker Tour champion, and the above mentioned Marijuana Dispensing. If nothing else he is ambitious and adaptable.

I get a sense he will be scheming and trying to lay low while influencing the leaders. I.E. the Marty strategy. I definitley think he will go far and is almost a lock to make it at least as far as the jury stage. Even if he ends up on an alliance who is on the outs, I sense he will figure out some way to survive to fight another day.

He admits to not being the smartest or the best athlete, so I think if he goes to Redemption Island he will be gone the following week. But I sense he will do a good job of not letting that happen.

He is definitley one to watch, and based on first impressions seems like a good candidate to walk away with the whole thing.

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