Saturday, September 17, 2011

Other Reviews For Survivor: South Pacific Episode 1

Never let it be said I don't give other people their due. Each week on Sunday I will be giving you guys links to other peoples reviews of the latest episode of Survivor.

I always enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and analysis of the episodes. So I try to read as much as time permits. Here are some of the ones I found for episode 1 of Survivor: South Pacific.

Hope everyone enjoys reading these as much as they enjoyed the episode, or more than you enjoyed the episode if you didn't like it. 

Come back here after episode 2 for my review. I will do my best to have it up a little earlier than last time. I am still working out a system for doing my reviews. I figure I will probably have it down just in time for the season to end. So I figure by season 24 I will be in the zone.

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