Friday, September 2, 2011

The Tribal Line Up

The Survivor Tribes were recently announced, so for anyone who hasn't heard here they are. Coach and Ozzy have not been confirmed which tribe they will be on. I have seen some spoiler pictures that have me thinking I know who will be on which tribe, but I want to keep this blog spoiler free. Especially since I certainly don't want to know in advance what will happen. So I won't share that info.


  • Albert Destrade
  • Brandon Hantz
  • Christine Markoski
  • Edna Ma
  • Mikayla Wingle
  • Rick Nelson
  • Sophie Clark
  • Stacy Powell


  • Dawn Meehan
  • Elyse Umento
  • Jim Rice
  • John Cochran
  • Keith Tollesfon
  • Mark Caruso
  • Semar Tadesse
  • Whitney Duncan

My quick thoughts -  I think Upolu will likley be my favorite. They are the most diverse and that could make for fun tv. Plus Sophie is on the team, and I am already sensing she will either be a contestant I will love, or one I will love to hate. So that has me curious.

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