Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - John on Survivor: South Pacific

John Cochran
John Cochran (seriously, that's his name) is a 24 year old Harvard Law Student.

One thing I like about Survivor over Big Brother or the like, is that amongst the hard bodied good looking 20-somethings they do occasionally cast contestants who don't fit that mold. And John is definitley one of them.

This guy definitley knows Survivor, in face he makes me feel better for my obsession with the show. He will likely go in with a better knowledge of the game than anyone. But it has been shown just because you are a hardcore fan of the show, does not mean you are good at it. On paper I know more about how to play Survivor than most, but I have little doubt I would get eaten alive if I was a contestant.

I want to pull for John as a fellow nerd and Suvivor fan. But even he admits that people will look at him and see a nerd. Unless he has some hidden athletic ability he will likely be a hindrance at challenges early on. Which combined with the first impression he will likely give people could send him out the door.

I am banking on John going home real soon. Possibly the first time his tribe loses. Beacause most tribes first instinct is to keep the tribe strong. He is too easy of a scapegoat to "vote out the weak" and while he seems like a nice guy, I don't sense he has the social skills to overcome that.

Unless someone makes a move to pull a dominant alliance in their tribe right off the bat and needs him for numbers, I think he will be gone REAL fast.

Here is John's interview from CBS's YouTube Channel.


  1. He might be thin, but he looks witty enough to outplay other contenders. Maybe his experiences in Harvard Law School helped him survive the island.

  2. It must be tough to compete with a law student in a reality show like Survivor. His knowledge and tactics were not only useful in court, but also to outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone in the island. Yes, this guy’s skill might be handy, and I guess his experience in the competition could be useful in his profession, too.