Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - "Ozzy" of Survivor: South Pacific

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth
Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a professional Survivor player and something else, I forget what his "real job" is. He made it to the final 3 in Survivor: Cook Islands, but found himself voted out in Survivor: Micronesia with an immunity idol in his pocket.

Ozzy is definitley one of the most physical players in Survivor, and good at challenges, but never got the social game down. It is clear from his interviews he has every intention of utilizing what he has learned from his last two seasons to fine tune his game.

Ozzy is definitley one to watch out for this season. And is easily a favorite to make it to the end and/or win the whole thing.

I see one of two things will happen with Ozzy. Either his tribe will see his having played three times as a threat and will boot him real quickly. A smart move considering Boston Rob, but I am not sure when this was filmed so they may not have Rob's performance as a point of reference.

Or else Ozzy will be seen as an asset for his experience, physical prowess and/or a bunch of star struck players. A likely possibility since there seem to be a lot of hard core Survivor fans this season. Possibly not by accident. If that happens he will go far and possibly to the end, especially if he goes into the merge with numbers like Rob did.

I am hopping it will be the former rather than the latter. I got nothing against Ozzy, he seems like a nice guy. But  while I don't mind the idea of former players coming back or even mixing with older players. But history has shown that the advantage of having player before is a very big one.

I don't want the show to end up becoming season after season of watching experience players beat rookies. It will get boring, and frankly it takes away from their victory. If the L.A. Lakers played a team of college freshmen, would it really be impressive if they won by a blowout?

Still regardless of what happens I think Ozzy will go pretty far. Even if his tribe is smart and sees that the threat of letting him sink his hooks in outweighs the advantages of keeping him around, there is still Redemption Island. If Ozzy goes to Redemption Island even near the beginning I think he will likely go far. It's possible that this season is his to loose.

Here is Ozzy's interview from CBS's YouTube site.


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