Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Mikayla on Survivor: South Pacific

Mikayla Wingle
Mikayla Wingle is a 24 year old lingerie football player from Tampa Florida. Glad they are getting more people with jobs we can all relate to.

She is originally from New Jersey but promises us this will be nothing like "Jersey Shore". God, lets hope not.

In addition to the lingerie football thing, she also was on the cover of Playboy Magazine and makes a suck up to meeting the hard working Hugh Hefner. OK seriously, that may have been true once upon a time, but he is little more than the mascot for his empire these days.

Despite her T&A background she actually comes off pretty down to earth and likable, and I don't doubt that it takes athletic skill to play lingerie football. Like it or not, it is still football. She seems poised to go far, so I give her good odds to survive well past the merge and possibly into the final 4.

She seems like the kind of player that used to do real good when the show went down to the final 2. I.E. girls with pleasant personalities who could lay low and slide into the end, then win because they weren't as disliked as the other player. That tactic isn't as effective now that they vote at the final 3, but I could see her making it that far.

Here is Mikayla's video from CBS'S YouTube channel.

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