Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Rick of Survivor: South Pacific

Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson is a 51 year old Rancher from Aurora, Utah. Who would have thought we would get two players from Utah, of all places?

Rick is a rancher so I think despite his age he is more than up for the harsh living conditions, as he is clearly not softy. Although he list lazy people as one of his pet peeves. As I said before, I am so over the lazy people vs. hard workers story line we get almost every season. So here is hoping if he is on the tribe with some diva's and weak city boys he keeps his frustration to himself.

He says he applied 14 times. Points for perseverance,e but people who come on after that many tries usually don't do good. Burnette and Company are better than most reality shows at sensing who will be good TV and a good competitor, and who won't. So if he was rejected that many times, I think there might be a reason.

In his interview he seems shy about wanting to be the leader. A wise move in most cases, but when you are one of the oldest people playing, stepping up as a leader can be a good way to advance. Although, he is right in that it almost always bites you in the butt down the line.

I am sensing Rick might be the eccentric of the show. Although with Coach on he will likley not be the MOST eccentric. Eccentrics don't often last long unless they become someones pawn, and never win. So my gut is he won't make the merge.


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