Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Semhar of Survivor: South Pacific

Semhar Tadesse
Semhar Tadesse is a a 24 year old listed as a "Spoken Words Artist" from Los Angeles. Which I take to mean she is unemployed.

Her pet peeves are liars and she is saying she is going to show that she can win without lying and backstabbing. Do I even need to mention how much those answers scream "going home soon".

Her bio is short and boring. But she does mention in her interviews that she was a beauty contestant. Which means she could end up being a diva who won't want to work hard around camp.

I just don't see this girl going far at all. Her answers imply someone who doesn't really get the game, and her resume screams "my agent got me on this show for exposure". That doesn't always mean someone won't do good. Parvati and Ammanda got on the show through agents and they have both proven to be good players who did the least amount of complaining. But agents also delivered us Purple Kelly and Naonka.

Her bio could be misleading, but I am flagging this girl as an early boot. Unless she gets a good alliance right off the bat I just don't see her lasting long. She will likely be an early boot designed to "keep the tribe strong". Especially if she ends up on the tribe opposite Ozzy.

Here is Semhar's interview from CBS's YouTube channel


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