Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Whitney of Survivor: South Pacific

Whitney Duncan
Whitney Duncan is a 27 year old Country Music singer, and former competitor on Nashville Star. I don't follow country music but she has an album out and a page on wikipedia, so she must have some degree of notoriety.

She says that she is the "semi star" of the group but plans to tell them she is a songwriter and play down her country music status. A smart move not to come in claiming to be famous as it won't go over well. Although if any of the players follow country music enough to recognize her it might not matter. But I don't think she is hugely recognizable.

She says this is out of her comfort zone, then goes on about how she was an outdoorsy type so whatever. We shall see which one is true.

Her interview implies she isn't that familiar with the game, likely on this show in large part for exposure more than her love of wanting to play Survivor. Not necessarily a bad thing game wise, but country music fans are known for wanting to believe their singers are good ol' boys and girls. The diva attitude and destructive behavior don't go over as well with their fans as other forms of music stars do.

She claims she is not afraid to lie or deceive if necessarily. But I can't help but think she isn't going to want to do anything that could hurt her career, which will likely affect how she acts and what she does.

She seems nice and likable. I would peg her as the most likely girl to have a showmance also, if it weren't for the fact she probably wouldn't want to have that reflected to her fans. However many there are. Would help my analysis if I was familiar with country music. But if she has an album released by Warner Brothers I have no doubt she has fans.

I would peg her to go far. However I can't help but think that the last two times they had "celebrities" on Survivor. It didn't go well.

Jimmy Johnson and Ashley Massario of the WWE both came into Survivor with a fan following and a degree of fan following. And both of them were gone so quickly their fame was about the only reason anyone would remember they were on the show at all.

Two isn't exactly a pattern. But I can't shake that history so far implies that being a "celebrity" when coming onto Survivor doesn't seem to equal a long life.

Assuming there isn't some kind of "B-List celebrity Survivor curse" in play I think she will go far. She seems likable and low key enough not to make herself a target for quite some time. Even if she goes into the merge in an alliance without the numbers, she will likeley not be the first target so I think she will make it to at least the final 6. Again, assuming the past history with celebrity contestants is merely a coincidence.

Here is Whitney's interview from CBS'S YouTube Channel.


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