Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Keith on Survivor: South Pacific

Keith Tollefson
Keith Tollefson is a 26 year old Water Treatment Technician from Edina, Minn.

Keith seems likable and is a good looking guy, so I have been told, which are both good qualities to have in survivor. He says in his interviews he is fun, driven, sky dives and is scuba certified. He is also EMT certified. As far as the survival aspect goes he seems prepared. But anyone who has watched this show for a while will tell you, winning Survivor is not about if you are wilderness ready.

He has a congenital heart block and has a pacemaker. I am kind of surprised that Survivor would take him on the show, but I don't know much about congenital heart block myself. I am just amazed contract or not they wouldn't be worried about what they would do if the worst did happen. But he seems pretty capable.

He is worried he will be seen as a charity case. Which would sound rediculous but considering last season voted out a woman who was pretty, young, athletic, and on her way to a medical disease because they were convinced her medical disease would have everyone saying "oh poor thing" and just automatically hand her the money.

Assuming he doesn't end up stuck with ignorant idiots like Naonka and the like from last season I am not sure it will be an issue. Although it could make people think he might be a liability in challenges. But as long as he isn't right off the bat I think he will get past it. Having a pacemaker is easier to forget once people know you than being an amputee.

He says he can't play contact sports, and there have been challenges that basically are contact sports most seasons anymore. Hopefully the challenge designers this year are going to compensate for that.

Not sure about this one, he is kind of a dark horse. If people don't get ignorant about his pacemaker he could go far. But it could be enough to get him on the outs early on. And as he pointed out, with his scar he can't really hide it.

Here is Kieth's interview of CBS's YouTube site.


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