Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Sophie of Survivor: South Pacific

Sophie Clark
Sophie Clark is a 22 year old Medical Student from Willsboro, New York. They list her as med student but her interviews imply hasn't started yet.

One of her pet peeves is "people who walk slowly in cold weather". Can't imagine that coming into play on Survivor but still, what the hell?

She was a major in economics and Russian, but is going to go to med school. She says in her interview she is "probably on paper the smartest person there". No doubt she is smart, but since those interviews are done before they meet everyone else that seems like an arrogant thing to say.

She plays soccer, softball and basketball so she has some athletic ability to go with those brains which makes her a double threat. She also seems to not be shy about using cunning to win, although saying you will be a cunning player and actually being a cunning player are two different things.

She is definitley a Type A person. Which I find hot in women, but can rub people the wrong way also.

She seems to speak lowly of girls riding coat tails. So assuming she is not talking out her ass she will likely not be the usual flying under the radar player a lot of pretty girls are.

Her YouTube interview seems to be rubbing most people the wrong way. Survivor fans usually can't wait to tear people down, so take it with a grain of salt. But if her first impression with the castaways is the same as her first one on YouTube, she might be in trouble.

Sophie is definitley one to watch. She is athletic and smart, and the ads for Survivor have been hyping that about her a lot and implying she will be a force in challenges and a tribe leader. It also implies when and if she does get voted out she could be dangerous on Redemption Island.

All of those are very good things. I also am inclined to believe if the adds are already trying to make us care about her she must have gone pretty far. Aside form Jimmy Johnson for obvious reasons, Survivor isn't likely to hitch their wagon to someone who won't go far.

She is definitley going to be one to watch. I am getting an Amy vibe from her, meaning I think she could be someone with the analitical and physical skills to hang with the guys and not have to play the "pretty girl" or "follower" card most young girls to an extent do.

I am banking on Sophie to go very far and based on first impressions consider her a good candidate for final 3 and to win the whole thing.

Here is Sophie's interview on CBS's YouTube channel.


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