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Big Brother Thoughts - My Thoughts On The Big Brother Final 3

Well, we are down to the final 3 in Big Brother. Seems like just yesterday the 8 newbies and 6 veterans came into the house. Now it is almost over. So I thought I would give my quick thoughts on the final 3.

Porsche - I will say I have not been watching the feed's which I am told show Porsche is a less favorable light. But I love Porsche!

She has been hugely under rated and I think has played an excellent game. She has done good at the social game, stepped up and won when she needed it despite no one throwing anything to her or contest being fixed to her favor.

 She has avoided the temptation of throwing people under the bus every time she has been up, which has given less reason for the voters to criticize her.

And while she has gotten a rep as a floater, I call BS. She switched sides once and that was after the vets pushed her away, mostly because they wrongfully dismissed her as unable to give them any problems. She has stuck by Daniele and Kalia since then, even when they didn't have power. Unlike Adam, the floating king who's loyalty was only ever with whoever was in control.

She has been in trouble multiple times but is about the only player who hasn't thrown a fit, made snide remarks, and crawled into a corner to cry when things didn't go her way. In fact, even when people like Shelly tried to bait her into a fight she rose above it and just blew them off, part of the reason Shelly turned her focus off Porsche and fully onto Rachel. Porsche's buttons couldn't be pressed.

She has also done good in challenges, real good. She threw the first veto, but after that she had the golden key. Hard to win anything when you can't and the people who criticized her challenge performance are the ones that wanted her in that position to begin with.

Since then she has performed well, won an HOH and 2 vetos all of them important ones and none of them ones thrown to her. She also came in second most of the time, and in fact would have won the OTEV Veto if not for screwing the last question. Yes, that is her own fault but it is also the only reason Adam won.

She has made some mistakes, most notably the Pandora's box. But I think that the producers never would have let her get away with saying no to opening it even if she had decided not to. But she should have stuck her ground if that was the case.

Keep in mind, even after the example she made Rachel did it also, despite clearly being worried about changing the game. Obviously it didn't hurt her, but that is luck not an iron will. I think at the end of the day BB will never let people leave without opening it. So I don't criticize players for doing so.

Her other big mistake, and one that might cost her the game, is she made it clear on day one that she was there primarily for exposure to become famous. That is a part of the reason everyone comes on the show, and she is not the first person to prioritize that over winning. But she made the bad call to let everyone know that. It is likely the real reason the House Guest feel she is not a "player".

I don't think her chances are very good. Against Adam she likely would lose. Adam would probably have all 4 veterans votes which is all he would need. Even if the vets split the vote Shelly is no fan of Porsche either. Yes she would have Dani and Kalia's vote, there is no question. But getting those other two votes she would need would be REAL hard.

Despite all the talk of not liking people who didn't play and floated, and Adam being the prime example of that, most of the players really only meant that in relation to them being the "player" who should have won. Once House Guest make it to the jury they almost always vote personally.

Against Rachel she would have a better chance as the vets wouldn't control all four of the votes needed to win. Dani and Kalia would never vote Rachel over Porsche, and while Shelly was no friend to either girl she hates Rachel.

Adam would likley be the swing vote, but I think he would vote for who he feels the "better player" was. I argue Rachel has played a horrible game, but it seems just being Rachel somehow gives her "game player" cred. So in that scenario Adam would likely vote for Rachel. Although with his earlier desire to see a newbie win he might surprise everyone.

Personally, I hope Porsche wins the whole thing and shoves her win down the producers show fixing, veteran loving asses. But it may not be in the cards. However, for all she had to overcomer, second place would be nothing to be ashamed of if she can pull it off.

Rachel - A lot of people think Rachel is the last true player in the house. I am not one of them.

I think Rachel has played a horrible game. She won a couple HOH's early on, but one of them Dick and Dani threw to her. Her first veto was also going against a team who was throwing it, and Jordan who probably would have lost had she been the only one player. And then she also had Brendon's vote

She has made enemies left and right like she always does. And her snide remarks have done her no favor, especially her constant attacks in the goodbye messages. Which is real cowardly to wait until they can't respond to "really lay into them."

She was part of the veteran brigade to attack Dani, Kalia and Porsche. Often right before HOH comps and thus force the hand of the trio that was responsible for all three of the couples alliance members going home. Yes, Shelly's vote sealed Jeff's fate, but had Kalia not won HOH she wouldn't have been able to vote Jeff out in the first place. And Jeff and Brendon were the ones who saw it necessarily to push Kalia away because she was "useless floater."

And that isn't even counting her constant ability to cry and want to quit every single time things didn't go 100% her way. Especially after Jeff left. Before the "convenient" couples twist return happened, she and Jordan had decided out loud to completely give up even trying, they would just cry until it was time to go.

She did step it up after Jeff went out and once production lined up a set of challenges that favored her highly above everyone else. But to me that is a tainted victory since an unprecedented and way to convenient twist was the only reason she was able to or even have the desire to try.

Despite my opinion, I do think the game is now Rachel's to lose.

She has 3 guaranteed votes in Jordan, Jeff and Brendon. In fact, if she goes against Adam I am not sure Dani and Kalia won't vote for Rachel also. Despite their beef with her, Dani has claimed she has no respect for Adam's game and won't ever vote for him to win. Kalia has had the same sentiments, plus she feels Adam sealed her fate.

Porsche likes Adam but thinks he has played a bad game. She has had her bad times with Rachel, but seems to have made up in the end and does feel Rachel has played a better game. So she is a toss up.

And keep in mind against Adam, Rachel would only need one of those three to vote for her to seal her win. Shelly likely would not vote for Rachel but it probably won't matter. And hell Shelly has been such a wild card I honestly don't know what she would do.

Against Porsche Rachel would have a slightly harder time. As always she would have three guaranteed votes. But no way Dani and Kalia would vote for Rachel over Porsche. Those three bonded over their underdog fight and there is little doubt they would want to see their last alliance member standing pull off the win. But to win Porsche would need Shelly and Adam's vote. Shelly is a toss up but really dislikes Rachel. So I would lean slightly more towards her voting for Porsche.

Adam would be the deciding vote, not sure how that would go. He is close to both Porsche and Rachel so my gut is in that scenario he would vote whoever he thinks played the best game. As argued above, I think that is Porsche. But everyone in the jury seems to automatically give Rachel "game player" cred, due to a reputation she in my opinion got handed by the editors and doesn't really deserve. But if Adam thinks so it won't matter what I think.

It would be much closer a vote against Porsche than Adam, but I do think Rachel would win against either of them. That is exactly why I don't think either Porsche or Adam would take her, but if she can pull off this last HOH and not choke under pressure, I think she will win it all no matter who she goes up against.

Adam - I have had mixed feelings about Adam. I think he has played a good social game in that he has never really had any enemies, minus possibly Kalia's resentment he didn't use the veto when he had it.

The thing is, he has so few enemies because he has never done much of anything. Floating is a valid strategy and Adam has expertly maneuvered to the side with power just enough to not become the target.

He has made some bad choices on who to align with. His allying with the vets after Brendon came back only to see Dani win HOH was a prime example. But ultimately it never hurt him.

But he has always floated to whoever had the power and everyone knows it. Floating is a valid strategy, and it does not become a bad one just because Jeff, Brendon and Rachel say so. Keep in mind baring Rachel winning this season none of them have won themselves so who are they to claim they are experts? Besides, those three's definition of floater is actually more "people who aren't helping me win" anyway.

Adam's strategy is boring to watch, and does come off cowardly. Still, it is a valid one. But will it get him the win?

Ironically, despite the criticism from BB writers, like myself, and his fellow players he very well might win.

If Adam goes up against Porsche I think he has it locked. He will definitley get Jeff and Jordan's vote and almost certainly Rachel and Brendon's. Porsche has been part of the alliance that cost all but Rachel the vote, and she still has time to get rid of Rachel. So I wouldn't blame the couples for not wanting her to win.

Shelly is no fan of Porsche and loves Adam. If she TRULY respected good game play she would see Porsche has played a lot harder than Adam. But I don't think she will. Of course, she has had everyone guessing all season, so who really knows?

Still, I think the only way Porsche could beat Adam is if Rachel and Brendon were to vote Porsche over Adam. Which is unlikley.

Porsche and Rachel seem to have made up, but Adam has been more of their ally than Porsche has. Plus, Brendon was threatened by Rachel making an actual friend, who might look out for Rachel enough to point out what a scum bag boyfriend he is to her. So Brendon will likely tell Rachel not to vote for Porsche and that will be the end of that.

Against Rachel, Adam would have much worse shot. Rachel would get all three of the couples alliance votes, no question. So he would need Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly to all vote for him to win.

I am not sure he could get them. Kalia and Dani do not like Rachel, but Dani swore she would never vote for Adam and in Kalia's eyes he screwed her over. In reality, I don't think it was that simple but Kalia thinks otherwise and she is the one voting.

Porsche likes Adam better than her alliance mates, but it isn't like she hasn't argued Adam's lack of game also. So Adam getting all three of them to vote for him would be a hard sell. Shelly would most likely vote for Adam but without Dani and her alliance all voting for him it won't matter.

So there you have it. Right now the game is Rachel's to lose. The girl who came in wanting to change peoples perception that she was a bitch, and failed miserably, is in the best position of the final 3.

Hell, despite that I still think Adam want's to take her to the end. So she may not even have to win HOH to make it to the final 2.

And who knows, maybe if Rachel wins some people's perception of her will change. She will still be a whiny, entitled bitch with a relationship that should be in the dictionary next to "toxic". But people love a winner.


I will be back next week after the finale with my thoughts on the winner, whoever he or she may be. As well as my take on the season as a whole.

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