Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Look - Brandon of Survivor: South Pacific

OK, I am going to get this out of the way right now. Brandon is the nephew of a former Survivor contestant. 
I spent three out of four years watching Survivor shove this, in my opinion, very over rated contestant down our throats already. I refuse to keep talking about him in a season he isn't even on. So this is the first and last time I am talking about his relation to that contestant in my coverage of Survivor. As far as I am concerned Brandon is just another Survivor newbie player. And yes, I didn't mention the name of Brandon's uncle on purpose. 

Brandon Hantz
Brandon is a 19 year old Oil Tanker Crew member from Katy, Texas.

I am not sure what to make of this guy from his interviews and profile. He is all over the map.

He says he is a nice guy but knows you have to cheat and back stab to win. Then he talks about how he has a standard set and won't break it. So I am not sure if he plans to lie and cheat, or to play "honorably". Of course people say one thing and do the other a lot. But I am not sure what he is going in planning to do.

His favorite survivor include Colby and Johnny Fairplay. Which are from two totally different sides of the spectrum. Maybe he just sees Colby as a fellow country boy.

He does come off as a nice guy, and first impressions are important in Survivor. He is clearly physically fit, but not enough to come off intimidating which could be a good mix.

His age will definitley be a hindrance. While you don't have to be older to win Survivor, there is a degree of politics and how to interact with people that comes with age for most of us. And being young and barely an adult can definitley get in the way of it.

He talks about having a temper and being worried about that, and has some really stupid pet peeves. Assuming he does't turn out to not have any patience when things don't go his way he do alright.

He is kind of a dark horse, but I think he will make it past the merge. But don't see him making the final 4.

Here is a look at Brandon's interview from CBS's YouTube channel. (It does mention his uncle so I guess he will get a mention one time by name. But I expect this to be the only time that person comes while covering this season).

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